SunPro V1 is a multi-purpose shade fabric designed to provide form and function to any installation.  SunPro V1 delivers the strength and durability you’d expect in a premium shade fabric at a price economical enough for even the smallest project.  Put SunPro V1 to work as Shade Sails, Canopies, Ground Cover/Outdoor Rugs, Privacy Screens, Wind Breaks, or virtually any area needing outdoor fabric. *

* SunPro V1 is a knitted shade fabric designed to allow air and water to flow through the material.

Royal Blue
Sapphire Blue
Forest Green
 MassThicknessFabric WidthStrip TensileElongation at BreakTearing Strength – Tongue TearBurst StrengthBurst StrengthTrapezoidal TearAir PermeabilityTemperature Stability
Test MethodASTM 3776ASTM 1777ASTM 3774ASTM D 5034ASTM D 5034ASTM D 2261ASTM 3787 BallASTM 3786 MullenASTM D 5587ASTM D 737 
    WarpWeftWarpWeftWarpWeft  WarpWeftcfm/ft2 
US10 oz/yd56 mil118 in.247 lbf351 lbf140%67%33.1 lbs33.7 lbs349 psi455 psi87 lbs116 lbs263.5-13°F +176°F
Metric338 gsm1.42mm3 m1099 N1561 N140%67%147 N150 N2406 kPa3137 kPa387 N516 N-25°C +80°C
UVRShade FactorFlame Resistance
Royal Blue 92%92%ASTM E-84
Sapphire Blue 94%94%ASTM E-84
Sand 94%88%ASTM E-84
Turquoise 93%91%ASTM E-84
Steel 94%91%ASTM E-84
Black 97%97%ASTM E-84
Cream 89%70%ASTM E-84
White 87%80%ASTM E-84
Terracotta 92%90%ASTM E-84
Ochre 92%91%ASTM E-84
Forest Green 96%95%ASTM E-84
Rivergum 91%90%ASTM E-84
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